Lemonade diet, many also called it the master cleanse, is a cleanse founded by Stanley Burroughs in 1941. It is now one of the most popular diet because celebrities like Beyonce have gone on the diet and lost 20 pounds in just 10 days. Many other celebrities have since followed suit.

How can the lemonade diet help you?

The lemonade diet can help you by detoxifying you body of all the toxins, eliminate the mucus, remove of the accumulated waste in your body that could be stuck on the intestinal walls, boost your metabolism rate, removal of substances in the joints, help in the growth of tissue, give you a boost in the energy level and help you lose weight.

Do note that losing weight is a by product of the cleanse and it should never be the main priority for you to go on the diet.

You will notice your skin purging out of all the toxins during the 10 days but after that, you will feel a healthier skin.

You will experience other symptoms as well but overall after you finish the cleanse, all the headaches and stomach cramps would be gone.

What is needed of you with the lemonade diet?

Most of us would feel that the lemonade diet would be a difficult diet as you are not allowed to eat any food for the 10 days except for the lemonade mixture. Cravings can be a big problem but it’s a matter of mind over body.

There are basically 3 phases of the lemonade diet..

Easing in, Starting of the master cleanse – This phase is optional and you don’t need to necessary go on this phase. However so, we would still encourage you to go for the ease in phase as this phase prepares you for the entire lemonade diet. It will help you to get use to the fast that you are required to perform during the 10 days.

The lemonade diet – This is the actual phase of the master cleanse. Everyday, you would drink roughly 6-10 servings of the lemonade mixture. You will also need to perform the salt water flush or the laxative tea in order to complete the lemonade diet.

Easing out – As you did not have any food for the 10 days, the easing out phase is a phase for you to prepare yourself for solid food. It’s around 3 days and you will need to eat food like porridge, fruit juices to help you to get use to the solid foods.