In this age where body and beauty are very influential factors in getting things and being in places, the desire of people to lose weight is very overwhelming. There are many available diet regimens but people tend to be more inclined to those that promise immediate results even in such a short time. The urge to get a slimmer body is stronger than the risks that crash dieting may have. Some diet programs impel people to abstain from eating a lot of comfort foods resulting not only in simple hunger but even close to starvation.

The lemonade diet or also known as the master cleanse is one diet that is meant not only for weight loss but more significantly for cleansing the colon. It is a liquid diet that is typically followed by a person for 7-10 successive days by drinking a special mix of lemonade juice. The mixture includes 14 tbsp of lemon juice, 14 tbsp maple syrup, ½ tsp cayenne pepper, and 2 qt water. At some time, which is usually at nights, the person is made to drink a cup of laxative tea. While undergoing this program, dieters are prohibited from taking anything other than the specified lemonade mixture. This Stanley Burroughs’ diet gained popularity after a Hollywood hotshot, Beyonce Knowles, revealed to have successfully undergone through it for weight loss.

However, there are potential side effects that are associated with this diet. The Lemonade Diet is considered as the cleanses of lack. It endangers the person’s total health if he or she do not follow closely to the instructions before engaging in the program. The toxins in the body are eliminated because of the laxative and the salt water flush. Drinking laxatives cause severe abdominal discomfort and vomiting which could lead to dehydration.

If one doesn’t follow the correct instructions and intake of such is prolonged and abused, the body’s natural way of getting rid of wastes can be affected and may cause dependency. Consuming excessive amounts of lemonade solution can cause tooth decay because, naturally, lemons contain high proportions of acid. It can be too vigorous and too fast for certain people doing the cleanse.

Having known the high health risks involved in lemonade diet, it is very important to seek the guidance of diet professionals such as following closely to the books or with a fasting expert guidance. There are many sources of information like the internet and reference books where accounts of persons who have gone through the diet are found.

People who have chronic illness such as ulcer are warned against any diet and so are children, old people and pregnant women. The weight lost in any crash diet program will not stay off for long. Eating healthy and doing proper exercise routines are still the best ways to stay fit and fab.