Basically, lemonade diet is meant as a cleansing diet to remove toxins and impurities from the body. Moreover, it has been associated to lose weight that is why people brand it as a weight losing diet. However, it is actually more of an added benefit. Using something it is really not meant for can pose more harm than good. And that is true to the Lemonade diet or Master Cleanse Diet. Using it as something it is not really meant for can pose risk such as body and health problems.

Losing weight is more of a side-effect when going through the lemonade diet. The first days can be quite tough especially if you are used to large food intake. Since it is originally a detox diet, your body will go through several reactions and changes, a meant to detoxify the system. Among the detoxification symptoms are nausea and vomiting, headaches, fatigue and irritability. Increased bowel movement will also take place along with frequent urination.

In this way, water weight is reduced since aside from flushing out body fluids, you will be taking up nothing but the juice in the morning and a laxative tea at night although this is not encouraged. Drinking water in between the juice along with eating raw vegetables is also recommended. Another thing, you will not be taking in any calorie rich food, so our body will have nothing to store. And instead, the fat stored in your body will have to be burned up so you will eventually lose weight.

Since it involves changes in eating patterns and body reaction, people who wants to go through it must first consult their doctor especially individuals who take medications. Changes in blood pressure, blood sugar level and depression are reported by persons who went through lemonade diet. And this can also have an effect on the muscular system leading to dizziness and fatigue.  After the diet, it is important that you listen to your body’s signal to eat and go back to its usual eating patterns.

The risk of danger to your health is not only during the diet but also after the diet especially if it used more as a weight loss diet. People who use it for such purpose can be tempted to increase the duration and it is a real danger. Using Lemonade Master Cleanse diet for weight loss purpose could lead to anorexia which oftentimes leads to death. People who went through the diet for more than ten days reported more carvings for high sugar, calorie rich food instead.

Moreover, those who use the Lemonade diet as detox has reported several positive changes in their body and eating patterns. Many reported that they craved for healthy, natural food after the diet as the body became attuned to vegetables and fruits during the diet.

In the same way, the body can function well since toxins and impurities were purged out. For this reason, lemonade diet must be done not actually and not just as a weight loss diet, but as a natural way to detox and be healthy. In this way, you can have the best out of your Lemonade Master Cleanse Diet.