We all have heard of the many health benefits of the lemonade diet. The diet is a great way to rid our bodies of the toxins that we continually expose ourselves to. Toxins are everywhere, from the world outside to inside our very own homes. Living an unhealthy lifestyle greatly multiplies our susceptibility to acquiring toxins. Bad eating habits, vices and lack of physical activity contribute both to acquiring and collecting of toxins inside the body.

Various ways of receiving treatments, such as alternative and traditional ones, will perhaps never get a straight answer with regards to which one works better than the other. However, the mere fact they have survived for many years and continue to be employed up to this day where advances in the fields of health, science and technology abound, only shows how effective they are.

The same is true with forms of detoxification methods like the lemonade cleanse. One health practitioner might object to it for reasons related to the health condition of a person, while another one might recommend it to resolve the health-related problems a person is suffering from.

The truth is a detoxification process such as the lemonade cleanse is relatively safe for you – it is both easy to execute and the numerous benefits are clearly for real. Needless to say, the lemonade cleanse is a great recommendation for people who want to have cleaner internal body systems and revitalize their health. But, sadly, the diet is not recommendable to just about anybody. So to whom the lemonade cleanse is not suitable for? Do not attempt to undergo the lemon cleanse if you are:

  1. Pregnant – Remember that you are eating for two. The baby inside of you needs all the nutrients it needs for optimum growth and development. A detoxification process such as the lemonade cleanse will for sure deprive your baby of the nourishment needed. If there’s something you need to do, focus on eating nutrient-dense foods, as prescribed by your doctor.
  2. Breastfeeding – When you are breastfeeding, it means that you just gave birth recently. After giving birth, you need to have your body recover from all the stresses of giving birth. And to help your body recover and heal itself completely, eating the right kinds of foods will be very beneficial. Besides, you need to produce sufficient breast milk for your baby’s consumption by having the right amounts of vitamins, minerals and other nutrients.
  3. Diabetic – People with diabetes are required by their doctors to limit or restrict consumption of food that have high sugar content. Maple syrup contains sugar, and may make the blood sugar level of a diabetic person go out of whack. In fact, there is an alternate recipe for the diabetic patients who would want to try out the lemonade diet.
  4. Afflicted with an serious illness – Again, the lemonade diet will disallow you to consume food other than the juice itself. If you are suffering from a serious illness, we would advice you to consult your doctor first.
  5. An athlete – Rigorous physical training requires an athlete to replenish all the energy and nutrients used up. If you are an athlete, it is important for you to maintain a well-balanced diet to keep your body in great form, as well as keep your performance always one step ahead of the game. If you have always keep a healthy lifestyle and a well-balanced diet, chances are you have a fit body that does not need to do the lemonade diet.

But if you do not fall into any of the categories mentioned above, then it is all right for you to undergo the lemon cleanse. This is particularly helpful if most of the time you feel tired, gloomy and nothing you do seem to help brighten up your mood. Accumulation of toxins in the body does many bad things to your health.

If you are overweight, the lemonade diet will help in shedding off those excess pounds, though it is just a side effect because this detoxification diet is primarily intended for flushing toxins out of the body. People who are quitting drinking or smoking will also benefit from a detoxification process like the lemonade diet. It will hasten the elimination of the harmful substances in their body systems, which were accumulated through years of drinking and smoking.