There is no denying that the Master Cleanse works wonders. From celebrities to commoners, the benefits of this detoxification process have been getting the thumbs-up grade. While it is true that the Master Cleanse works, there is one element to it that can either make it a success or a failure. And it is you.

Willpower and the desire to achieve the many benefits of the Master Cleanse are perhaps two of the most important things you will need before and while embarking on the detoxification process. The truth is that the Master Cleanse requires you only 10 days of sticking to it – quite shorter than any other diet out there these days. Also, the ingredients the Master Cleanse requires you to purchase are cheap and readily available at supermarkets. It does not require you to purchase online pre-packaged meals that could potentially drain your bank account.

However, despite of its short duration and inexpensive ingredients, many people fail to fully reap the benefits of the Master Cleanse. There are many reasons behind this. So if you are planning to try your hands at this effective detoxification process and want to be successful at it, continue reading. The following are some of the most common mistakes people on the Master Cleanse commit:

Mistake #1: Insufficient information

As with practically anything else in life, before you commit yourself to something, it is best if you know a lot about it. The same is true with committing to the Master Cleanse. While you can utilize the internet when finding guides, it is advisable to grab a book about the Master Cleanse instead. There are many things you have to consider seriously when embarking on the Master Cleanse, from the ingredients, daily procedures, to the effects.

Mistake #2: Lack of determination

The Master Cleanse requires you to be committed to it for 10 days. And this commitment can be easily devastated by your lack of determination to follow the procedure and reap results beneficial to your health. After getting sufficient information about the Master Cleanse, for sure you got a pretty good idea what you are getting yourself into. Ask yourself if you can really commit to the detoxification process in a strict manner, for if you are not ready you are just likely to fail.

Mistake #3: Presence of temptations all around

While on the Master Cleanse, you will not be allowed to ingest any other food items aside from the juice itself. For this reason, before taking on the diet, you should remove all the temptations all around you: food. Also, even after you are through with the diet, make sure that only healthy foods can be found right in the kitchen. Not just because you have completed a detoxification process doesn’t mean you can go back to consuming foodstuff that contains loads of toxins, such as heavily-processed food items and the rest.

Mistake #4: Unacknowledged hunger issues

If you are not used to not eating, it helps if you talk to someone who can help you resolve such an issue effectively. A professional can lend a helping hand, like a nutritionist or dietitian. If you know someone who has been on the Master Cleanse recently and was successful at it, seek for advice. Also, boredom oftentimes makes you hungry. For this reason, you can always have your attention diverted by focusing on something else than food or your hunger. Cheating on the Master Cleanse even for one day by consuming other food item than the lemonade juice will make the detoxification process a failure.

Mistake #5: Doing it for the wrong reasons

First and foremost, the Master Cleanse is designed to detoxify the body. The weight loss effect is just some sort of a bonus. One of the reasons why some people fail at the Master Cleanse big time is because of having the wrong motives. Don’t expect yourself to reap success if your reason for embarking on this detoxification process is your friend or your favorite celebrity had done it, or you want to look like an emaciated supermodel. You should focus instead on the many health benefits of the Master Cleanse. With the wrong reasons, you will never get far in terms of successfully going through the diet from day 1 to day 10.