Before you can prepare or embark on the cleanse, you would need to find the ingredients for the master cleanse.

Here’s the ingredients you would need before you can make the lemonade.

Organic lemons - As you would need 2 tablespoons of lemon juice for every serving of the lemonade, you would need a lot of organic lemons. It is a must for you to get organic lemons as it does not contain any pesticides which would affect the detoxification of the lemonade diet.

Some suggest that you could limes however limes have different health benefits than the organic lemons. Hence it would be preferred that you get the lemons instead. The size of the lemons does not matter at all. You would need more than 40 lemons for the whole of 10 days.

Maple Syrup – The official ingredient for the maple syrup is grade B organic maple syrup. Other grades of maple syrup like Grade A or C are the incorrect maple syrup. Most of us have the problem of finding the right maple syrup – in different countries there may not have the maple syrup you are looking for. So as long as it is organic maple syrup, then you are on the right track.

If you are using alternative lemonade diet recipe, you may be using other ingredients rather than the maple syrup.

Cayenne pepper powder – This is one of the most important ingredients in the lemonade diet. Cayenne Pepper is known as one of the world’s amazing healing her you will find in the world. It can help to stimulate your blood flow in your body, increase the immune system, help you to detoxify your body. You would need to get the organic cayenne pepper as well.

Some people would feel that the cayenne pepper taste is too strong for them and they are not able to take the taste. Hence you may consider getting the capsules form of the cayenne pepper. However cayenne pepper capsules may have lesser effects than the cayenne pepper in the powder form.

Distilled water – You would need the distilled water for the lemonade diet. You don’t want to use your normal water as normal water contains chlorine and other substances that you don’t want to use it in your diet. Not only using your water at home would hinder the detoxification process, unless you get a water filter system at home, you will also not derive the full benefits of the lemonade diet.

Besides all of these ingredients for the lemonade diet, you would need the ingredients for the salt water flush or the laxative tea for the bowel movements.

Organic sea salt - You would need the organic sea salt for the preparation of the salt water flush. If you find the sea salt flush too strong for you, you may want to use the laxative tea for the cleanse. You would need the non-caffeinated laxative tea for the lemonade diet.