The Wonderful Cayenne Pepper

Belonging to the Capsicum family of vegetables, cayenne pepper is great not only for adding zest to your favorite dishes, but also for bringing many health benefits into you life. This hot pepper is rich in certain nutrients and substances that can facilitate healing, as well as getting rid of accumulated toxins in the body. If you are considering detoxifying your body, read on to find out why cayenne pepper is a wonderful enhancement to the lemonade diet.

Hot is Beneficial

The chemical compound that makes cayenne pepper hot is called capsaicin. The more capsaicin a spice contains, the hotter it is. We all know that eating spicy foods helps in speeding up metabolic rate. For people who are trying to lose weight, incorporating cayenne pepper into their daily meals may help them achieve their desirable weights faster.

Capsaicin is also a great immune system booster. It increases body temperature, therefore stimulating the body’s natural defenses against invading microorganisms. This powerful chemical compound found in cayenne pepper and other spices helps in killing viruses and bad bacteria, speeding up the healing of various infections.

However, the many benefits of capsaicin do not end there. Capsaicin is also a great source of vitamins C and E, minerals and antioxidants. We all know the many benefits of micronutrients to our bodies, especially antioxidants. Just imagine the cleansing and healing power of the lemonade diet once it is paired with the many wonders offered by cayenne pepper.

Maximizing the Benefits

Of course the many wonders offered by cayenne pepper can be enjoyed by anyone by simply adding this medicinal spice into their diet. However, there is a way one can do to maximize the benefits it offers and achieve positive result in no time. By utilizing the lemonade diet for 10 days, your digestive tract will be free from substances or chemicals that can otherwise reduce the many benefits of capsaicin to the body.

Throughout the duration of the master cleanse, you will have to abstain from taking any other food or beverage. This way, as toxins accumulated in the body are eliminated as the diet progresses, your different body systems will be able to take full advantage of the beneficial chemical compound in cayenne pepper.

Faster Toxin Elimination

There are a number of ways the body gets rid of toxins accumulated inside of it through years of exposure to pollutants and harmful chemicals. One way of increasing the elimination of toxins in the body is by improving blood circulation. This is because when blood is able to flow efficiently to the different areas of the body, it can take the toxins out as quickly as possible.

As earlier mentioned, the chemical compound in cayenne pepper, called capsaicin, helps increase metabolic rate, which in turn stimulates the circulatory system of the body. People who have tried this master cleanse and remained faithful to the diet throughout its duration reported less stress, better thinking ability, fewer incidences of allergies, colds and other ailments, plus shedding of excess pounds.