Licensure Requirements


Consistent with New York State (NYS) requirements, Memorial Hospital’s licensure policy for trainees differs based on the individual training program’s accreditation agency and/or status. However, individual training programs may establish a program-specific licensure policy requiring a higher level of licensure than that required under the general policies below. Inquiries about an individual program’s licensure policy should be directed to either the Training Program Director or the Program Coordinator.

  • Memorial Hospital does not require licensure for residents or fellows training in programs accredited by ACGME unless otherwise specified by the Training Program Director.
  • All residents and fellows enrolled in training programs which are not accredited by ACGME must have either a NYS license or limited permit.
  • All residents and fellows who work at MSK outside the scope of their training program must have a full NYS license. Limited permits are not acceptable.

A copy of your license or limited permit must be sent to the Graduate Medical Education Office for inclusion in your record.

Trainees must inform the NYS Office of the Professions of all address changes. It is the responsibility of the trainee to renew their license or limited permit on a timely basis and send a copy of such renewal to the Graduate Medical Education Office.