New York City School Overview


Public NYC School Overview

New York City has an excellent public school system that is free to residents and guarantees a spot for all children from pre-K through 12th grade for all New York City families. New York City has also introduced free full-day 3-K programs in select pilot districts of New York City for those with children who will turn 3 years old by December 31. To learn more about the admissions process please visit the sites below:

Private NYC School Overview

New York City has a wide array of private (or “independent”) schools as well as parochial schools. They run pre-K or kindergarten through grades 5, 8, or 12. These schools charge tuition and have application processes and deadlines, which are usually in the fall or early winter for the following school year.

Parochial School Resources


EduProfile helps parents find the right placement for their children. The website has profiles of private and public childcare as well as nursery, elementary, junior high, and high schools in New York City, with a comparison tool that allow parents to easily examine the strengths and weaknesses of the schools and programs in which they are interested. They also have general information about the school search and admission process.