Verifications of Training at MSK


Verifications of training needed for current trainees or those who trained at MSK within the past five years need to be completed by departmental GME coordinators. Please contact the specific department directly for any such requests.

To verify training completed prior to the last five years, requests can be submitted to the central Office of Graduate Medical Education by sending an email to [email protected]. Please attach a signed release form from the physician along with any necessary documents to be completed.

The verification email account is monitored daily, and verifications are completed in the order they are received.  MSK ensures all verifications are completed within the New York State mandated 45-day timeframe.  Due to the high volume of requests our office receives, on average it takes 1-2 weeks for a verification to be completed. For urgent requests only, please call the GME office at 212-639-6788.

GME does not, under any circumstance, provide verbal verifications of training.