Our Child Life Services

Our environment and our daily recreation activities are built with kids and families in mind.

Our environment and our daily recreation activities are built with kids and families in mind.

At MSK Kids, we do all we can to help your child continue being a kid. We deliver most of our care on an outpatient basis, so your child can spend less time in a hospital room and more time at home with friends and family, getting back to your routines.

What to expect

We want your visits to be as easy and comfortable as possible. As soon as you and your family step off the elevator onto the 9th floor of Memorial Sloan Kettering, you’ll see it’s a hub of activity for kids of all ages. Young patients and their families become part of a vibrant community where their needs are front and center. 

Inside the Recreation Center, you’ll find toys, games, and group activities to keep your family busy between appointments. Child life specialists, teachers, recreation staff, and integrative medicine experts come together to give your child the best quality of life in our care. Annual traditions like spring prom and high school convocation are beloved by families and kids alike, and just two of the many opportunities for celebration within MSK Kids.

Inside MSK Kids: Jonathan’s Journal
Tag along with Jonathan during his most recent visit to MSK Kids. Jonathan was treated for leukemia at MSK Kids starting when he was 9.

Your partner in care

At MSK Kids, little moments mean a lot. We find joy in the everyday milestones — mastering a magic trick, perhaps, or learning a new karate move — and we’re here to celebrate them right alongside you.

Make a new friend (or two)

Our 16- to 30-year-old patients at both MSK and MSK Kids can be a part of the Teen and Young Adult program (TYA @ MSK), giving them a space to hang out and support each other.

We’re here to help

You can contact us online or reach out by phone at 833-MSK-KIDS and we’ll help you set up an appointment.

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